No. 85 – War

On the subject of Reporters, Journalists, Newspapers, Cinema, Documentaries, Books, Commissions, Human Rights Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Parliaments and Houses of Rpresentatives of the Peoples, Militaries, Tribunals, Military Tribunals, Nobel Peace Prizes and Prize Winners, Democratic Countries and Citizens, Saints, Religious Leaders, Political Leaders, Presidents, Queens and Kings, Media Moguls, Analysts, Commentators, Critics, Professors, Pastors, Priests, Popes,absolutely none, not even One has been able to prevent Any War, or cause a cease-fire, or stop and dismantle the Military Industrial Complexes, and auction the assets to re-fund their deficit budgets and give charity to the poor and victimised.

The intentions may be noble, but the proof shows that in the final analysis, nothing has changed an iota and there is more and more devastation and death and more and more grave grave-yards, and suffering and degradation and humiliation so that there are more and more stories, and records, and documents piling up endlessly in archives, and filling up row after row of shelves meticulously catalogued in libraries and kept in household, . and volumes and volumes of records collecting dust and unable to be of any life-giving or supporting or preserving capacity or function, so tragical…

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Friday 14th august 2015.


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