No. 84 – Re: Re Sun rise

Re: Re Sun rise

Mubeen Mughal
Today at 6:08 AM

To sabia mughal

Hello Mum,

The magnetic pole has changed several times before it is not a big deal, people like to take advantage of other peoples lack of knowledge and innocence and ignorance and also use fear to take advantage of others. There is a lot of rubbish posted on the internet, and there are “rubbish experts” who specialize in the subject of rubbish. The worst are the chain mails of: please forward this to as many people as possible, those are usually rubbish. There are also good things on the internet from well meaning people, but be aware that there is a lot of rubbish and bullshit. You have to pick and choose carefully. Here is something about pole shift from a credible source:

Also be aware that there are a lot of insane and demented people who do bad things, and evil deeds and cause others to suffer and are protected by other insane people in power and who are the “authorities” and can get away with anything and everything because they are insane, illogical, irration, evill, and harbour blind hatred.

It is most sad when many people in a government and the public too suffer this fate and exist and sink deeper and deeper in ignorance and also cause others to remain or become even more and more ignorant through propaganda and publishing of lies and trying to pass it off as gospel truth or some revelations from the heavens when in fact everything is man’s ideas and the invention of man (not the hills and mountains and sun and stars and oceans and animals and plants) but the concepts and theories teachings.

In the West we are going through an age of unprecedented mass-ignorance and outright stupidity aimed at making people suffer and causing people to be physically and mentally retarded and barred and criminalized for innocence and to exploit and profit from.
Little children are being exploited and no one does anything, they are mesmerized by the bullshit of the propagandists and the evil-doers. In Canada the majority of people are indifferent, oblivious, couldn’t-care-less, ignorant, and mean and selfish, and malicious, and hateful little nobodies and have no regard for Human Rights or Rights of Others.

It is such a shameful circus of the demented hateful little nobodies with monumental and colossal egos!

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