No. 79 – The Holiest of The Holy Men and The Rise of The Brother-Hood of The Bearded Patriarchs

The Holiest of The Holy Men and The Rise of The Brother-Hood of The Bearded Patriarchs

Why is it not absolutely possible that the Neo Neo-Nazis and Neo Neo-Fascists, and Neo Neo-Nationalists and Neo Neo-Extremists are actually The Brother-Hood of “SOME” Jews as in the past?

Was that not the case before and has it not always been the case that the Jewish Holy Men (like all other Holy Men) have branded, repressed, and exploited people and brain-washed them with their literature and “pro-pagan da” and ideologies and fueled hatred towards other peoples, races, nationalities, ethnicities.

Was that not the case before, and it it not absolutely and precisely the case now?

We are all Human and All Mortals, yet there continues to exist Ethnic Identification, Citizenship Identification, and Ideological Fellowship and Banding and Branding.

How does “ANYMAN” explain The Rise of The Beards?

How does WOMAN explain the Longing for Belonging to The Prohibitive and Compulsive and Obsessive Patriarchy, and THE OBSESSION with Wrath, Vengeance, Terrorism, Security, Home-land, Nationalism, Ethnocentricism, Bondage, Sadism, Machoism, Rituals and Dogma, and Rites, and Branding and Brother-Hood, and the Repressive and Opressive Laws of the Holy Men (Rabbis – The Conjurors Themselves)?


Why is The Brother-Hood of The Beards so so SACRED and Free of Liability and Indemnity whilst everyone is a Criminal and Sinner and Open to Criticism and Preaching, and Redemption, and Salvation and Why CAN’t anyone else RECOGNIZE this reality and actuality of The Mind Games of The Conjurors?

The Truth has Cometh, !

Mubeen Mughal
Monday 20th July 2015
11.00 AM
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA


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