No. 78 – The Power of Executives and The Presidential Pardon and The Powers Vested in The Conjurors

The Power of Executives and The Presidential Pardon and The Powers Vested in The Conjurors

aka. Pardoning Sinners and Criminals and Absolving them of Crimes an Wiping the Slate Clean while others are released on Bond and Bail and on in-lieu-of-community-service and sentenced and imprisoned and imprisoned for life and imprisoned for several times more than an average human fife-span and tortured and executed and beheaded and electrocuted and sentenced to serve with Hard-Labour..

The Conjuror are very cunning and crafty and mischievous and malicious and make or amend the rules and laws to suit their greedy needs and wants without regard for common sense logic reason or justice…

Others are convictable for War Crimes but NOT Themselves, oh not US … LOL

So are these rational sane minds???

Of course they can get away with it all because they have the UNWAVERING support and full-belief of the Believers of Lies and Gospel Truths and all the ridiculous Commission and Inquiry Findings and Reports and Journals and Summaries and Statistics and Quagmire of Memos and Letters and Numbers and Paragraphs and Graphs and Volumes and Volumes of Drivel.

That’s not all, for the Conjurors have been vested with The Powers by the Powers that Be to even RE-WRITE history and Declare Peoples, Populations, Races, and Nations NULL and VOID and have Full Authority for ERASURE which can be seen mani=fested in The Glitches and Gaps and Truncation in The Digital Records and ERASURE OF HUMAN LIVES..

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario Canada

Thursday 16th July 2015.

PS. It can, and should be noted, that here is a classic example where the Conjurors have  befooled The Public (at tax-payers expense) and the Fraternity of The Fellowship of The Brotherhood of Shrouded Associated Conjurors have come to the rescue, and aid of one of Their Own criminals and have successfully turned their Criminal Brother into an “innocent man” free of any liability to the public or humanity while the flocks chew grass and witness the spectacle in merriment and jubilation.  And thus, with a mere announcement of a Proclamation and sealed by a  bold stroke of a pen,  the deed is done as willed in plain-sight of the public.


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