No. 70 – HATE Sanctioned by the Government and PUBLIC of CANADA

HATE Sanctioned by the Government and PUBLIC of CANADA:

past tense: sanctioned; past participle: sanctioned

give official permission or approval for (an action).

2. something that gives binding force, as to an oath, rule of conduct, etc. 4. Law.

3. verb that means to give formal and explicit approval to

and Sanctified:

by the express, explicit, will and wishes of the Bigots in the Public and Racist Officers in the Government and Holders of Public Office, and Representatives of the “Canadian” Canadians who want to PURIFY Canada from the UNWANTED elements AND THIRD CLASS HUMANS and MAKE Canada the Great White Supremacist North Devoid of Human Kindness, Compassion, Tolerance, Conscience, and Breed Hatreds and Divisions, and Create Divisions and Degradations ENFORCED and LEGALIZED by the Repressive and Oppressive and Subjective Arbitrary and Unjust and Unfair SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE and Government and BANDITS that ALL OF CANADA is pretending to be TOTALLY Blind, Deaf, Dumb, Mute, and Unconscious and Unremorseless TO.

Mubeen Mughal


24th June 2015.


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