No. 71 – A Bright and Successful Future for backward Chauvanism in CANADA!


It is aspired, idealized and practiced when the establishment is comprised of, guided by and controlled, and enforced by “Dirty Old Men” in an all Ole’ Boys Club, and the laws of the Land can only reflect this backward, and backward-yearning and primitive outlook spelt out by the Perverted Lawyers and Legal System!

Councils, consider very carefully the implications of allowing girls to display and strip for the public to expose their tender flesh. Whats wrong if 4+ years old have to wear bikini tops.

You are dealing with the agenda of Dirty Old Men who are your fathers and brothers and Children and neighbors, and clergy men and the Law and look what they are doing to you and what they have done to you in the past and historically… They have taken you forgranted and taken away your rights, and now they want to take away your dignity and strip you, and expose you once again…

City councils think VERY VERY carefully and consider very carefully what you do, it is stupid enough VOIDING the policy which is already in force while waiting for deliberation of this silly whim of one family who want to expose their daughter who is a MINOR with no REDRESS because she is a minor !

Where is ‘Children’s Aid Society’ now, where are they hiding?

Guelph mom shocked eight-year-old told to put on her top at public pool:… “GUELPH — A local woman is calling for the city of Guelph to change its policy about how girls and women must dress at public pools after her eight-year-old daughter was told to cover up over the weekend.”

Women, whats wrong, have you NO brains or intelligence?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Thursday 25th June 2015, 10.52am


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