No. 69 – Can The Canadian Parliament Impeach Itself?

Can The Canadian Parliament Impeach Itself?

Can The Canadian Public Impeach The Governor General and The PRIME Minister?

How can Incompetent, and Inept Ministers be removed from the Ministries they Minister in?

Does the Public have ONLY itself to blame for the Failures and Negligences and ABUSE OF POWER of The Canadian Government, and Parliament, and Public Representatives?

What is the PUBLIC’s Fault and Liability?

Who is Liable for this BREACH OF PUBLIC TRUST AND CONFIDENCE of The Leadership and The Governance and The Government?

Who is going to separate The Church, and ALL Religious control from Government, and Public Life and Public Conduct?

Who is going to do all these things, will they HAPPEN MIRACULOUSLY, and FANTASTICALLY all by themselves just on their own?  Do you really Believe in Miracles?

Can or Should The Public hold themselves RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for The Failures of Their Government?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

11.51am Wednesday 17th June 2015


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