No. 68 – “Canadian” Canadian Criminals and Drug Traffikers and middle-women and facilitators and brokers in Africa

“Canadian” Canadian criminals and Drug Traffikers and middle-women and facilitators and brokers in Africa  playing innocent…

The Law is blind, deaf, dumb, mute, unconscious, ineffective, inept, incompetent, lies, and a BIG joke!

Are we really so stupid and ignorant and naive?

Blind Legislature and even more blind parliament cheered on and empowered by blessings of THe Public…

Blind Journalists with nothing of substance to write about, but just stories of rubbish and garbage…

Media that churns out lies, and fails to investigate Truth but instead publishes rubbish to keep people busy and confused in the heaps of mess…

Public that enjoys glittering spectacles…

Establishment that censors and silences and confuses the public to cover-up Grand Theft and Grand and Monumental and Epic Larceny…

What’s the matter…?

Cops that sit around and do nothing, how long do they expect to get away with Fooling THE PUBLIC???

Mundane appointments and re-appointments of the same same faces moved from here to there, what is expected to change when the players are the same, the agenda is the same, and set by the same executives, the game is the same and the Hustle is on and on and on….

I stand by and behind my post and observation One Hundred (100%) percent.

They have absolutely nothing constructive to show for themselves !

What a bunch of Lying Scoundrels and Torturers and War-Criminals and War-Mongers.


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