No. 67 – Threatening the Blogger

Threatening the Blogger:

Recently, I have received some more “mild” threats regarding my Blog, and my criticism of the Canadian Government and some of it’s Officials and the Governmental and Institutional and Systemic Human and Civil Rights Abuses and Injustices.

I stand for democracy, accountability, transparency, no favoritism, meritocracy, good governance, and the rights and freedom of the people and public and checks and balances.

So these mild threats have been spelt out by The Conjurors in The Regime and regimented through third-parties and messengers, and uneducated and ignorant, and greedy and self-seeking, and self-preserving, and self-serving individuals , and Intermediaries particularly a certain ‘Brother’ (thoroughly indoctrinated, instructed, probably under threat himself, and backed-up by The Global Brother-hood Fraternity, and a certain righteous Pundit and Techie who have no concept of Freedom, of the Expressions of Freedom and Speech, and the Freedom to Express Criticism and Critique and Dismay and Objection to the Stupidity and Ignorance of the Institutional Canadian police and Forces and of the AUTHORITARIAN and AUTHORITATIVE Behaviour, Conduct, Habits, and Governance of The Canadian GOVERNMENT and appointed VIP’s.

My Blogs will stay, as will my Objection to the Travesty of Injustices unless broad, sweeping, far-reaching reforms are made to the present state of how the state in being run and how justice is being administered.

It was shocking and eye opening for me the other day to see recent Mediocre and Chauvinistic Decisions, Rulings, and Acts Commanded by Canada’s Supremo Supreme Court Justices which in fact are UNJUST, biased and Epitomize and Symbolize the Narcissism on the part of Canada’s Elite S-Class (S stands for SUPREME) and their Representatives, Agents, Employees, Executives, Custodians, Trustees, Robots, Automatons, and Puppets.

Further, I have and voice my strong objection to Canada’s growing and ever-expanding MILITARISM and PUBLICLY-FUNDED “War-Machine and Machinations Thereof” and ever empowered State Militias funded by the poor-public.

Oh. and I have missed out THE ABSOLUTISM of THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, I may take that on another time, perhaps…

Only Lunatic Governments and Regimes try/succeed/get-away-with the Limiting, Prohibition, Curtailment, Censorship, Obstruction of The Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression as long as it is not Physical; So sane governments and good governance and Governors, Parliaments, and Assemblies and Congregations in their right frame of mind and senses should know better than to interfere with Freedoms of Expression such as: The Freedom to Write, Draw, Speak, Sing about and Peacefully PROTEST: Outrage, Disgust, Condemnation, Disapproval, Resentment, Disassociation from the Misuse and Abuses of Power, High-Handedness, and Totalitarianism and all other ISM’s perpetrated by governments, officers of the government, representatives of the Public who betray the Trust placed by the Public in them in Good faith.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Monday 8th June 2015.



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