Prohibition of Photography and Collection and Recording and Storage and Display and Transmission and Broadcast of Evidence:.


CONJURORS, Silence, Secrecy, Injustices, Indifference, Legislature, Legalese, Liars, Deception, Judiciary, Unconscious Parliaments, and Criminal Governments, Passage of Oppressive Laws of Lands for Oppressed to be further Subjected to. and Tyranny of the Despots, Dictators and U. N. -Conscientious Criminal Scoundrels and Unwavering Endorsement and Support and Landslide Votes and Praise and Celebration and Validation and Mayhem and Melees and Authorized Massacres, and Justification by the IGNORANT Public and SILENT majority and Witnesses, and Auditors, INVESTIGATORS, Commissions, and Commissioners, and the SILENT and PARTICIPATING and CONSPIRING LAWYERS AND LAW-MAKERS and The Curtailment of ALL FREEDOMS through Arbitrary and utterly Non-sensical PROHIBITIONS.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

4th June 2015, 10.56am.


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