No. 63 – Responsibility in CANADA

Blog-post to Pamela Palmater:

I saw a bit of your interview by Steve Paikin on The Agenda, very early this morning on TVO.

Canada has a lot of Governance Issues, and partly (or mostly) the blame lies with the public because the Public is really disinterested in what is happening in Canada and to themselves and to Society as a whole.

The Public bicker, quarrel, protest, educate yet the governance is the same with the same agenda and appoint similar officers who administer the same agenda as they have been doing.

The people and public have No Real Voice, and their voices are marginalized by the Setters of The Agenda, and the media-moguls, and war machines, and war-mongers, which and who have their machinations dictated to them by the dictators and despots who are so desperately clinging on to their last vestiges of power and control and are desperately trying to indoctrinate and recruit new apprentices for the New Crusades.

The Voices of the people and public are scrambled, made inaccessible, unsearchable, and so it becomes an incoherent attempt at communicating what they are trying to voice and ends up sounding like utterly confusing shouts and screams coming from here and there and yet nowhere in particular so the voices are ignored at best…

We can blame the government all we want, and The Government (this One), like all other government are populated by hungry-opportunists with no broad-vision for society save for their pockets and glittering delusions.

The other problem, as I see it in Canada, is that of Revenue, where is the money coming from, where is it going, who and what is really generating the Revenues?

How far will the government go to generate Revenues?

What is the responsibility of “THE PUBLIC”, what is the responsibility of “THE NATIVES”, what is the responsibility of “THE GOVERNMENT”?

Best wishes,

Mubeen Mughal
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Mubeen Mughal
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday 28th May 2015
1.09 pm


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