No. 61 – THE AGENDA: Rites of Initiation into the Apprenticeship of The Fellowship of The Conjuring Sorcerers


For Rites of Initiation into the Apprenticeship of The Fellowship of The Conjuring Sorcerers, Incarnates, and Black-Magic Ops, and Poor-Spartan-Soldiers for War Games, and Magic, and Art and Science of Illusion and Delusions, and Gate-keepers, Watchmen for Ring Leaders and Keepers of the Rings, and the Lords of the Rings, and Keepers and Classifiers of Sordid Secrets protected by the Secrecy Act conjured by the Immunity of The Most Respected Law-Makers, and Law-Interpreters, and Law-Convoluters, Data and Record Deleters, and Alterers, and Falsifiers of Testimony and Testaments and Evidence, and Criminal Lawyers, and Tainted Magistrates, Corrupt Judiciary, Actors, Directors, Board-Members, Appointed Chairmen, and Conspiring Secret-aries, Dictators of Glorified Gibberish, Jargon, Drivel and Legalese, Vulgar Scripts, and Scriptures, and The Conservation and Protection of Mysticism and Esoterica, and Secret Armies of Blind and Zealous Followers and Disciples following Blindly and Under Duress, on Secret Services Under-Covers on Top-Secret Missions and Invisible to the Naked Eye and in the Visible Spectrum of Observation, Totally Invisible to the Eyes of the Public and Public Consciousness, Conjured up by the Keepers and Purveyors of Truths constantly reciting the Will and Voice and Wishes of the Divine from the Voice of The Divinity Himself dictating Orders and Commands and Decrees from The Kingdom of Heaven’s Abode High in The Heavens, and fuelled by Alchemists striving to get even Higher and Higher, surpassing All of The Mountains stacked One on top of the Other, with Everest right at the Top with Their Colossal and Titanic Egos so that The Forbidden Fruits may be relished, savoured, consumed, purveyed, peddled, trafficked, and hidden securely and secretly away in Vaults, Safes, Safe-Houses, Fortresses, and Citadels conveniently and Expressly barred, and barricaded from gullible, naïve, child-like, innocent and care-less PUBLIC!

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Mountain

Mondday, 25th May 2015



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