No. 60 – The Rise of the Parti-Archs, and The Brother-Hood, and Bearded Assassin’s Creed, the Furthering of Their Credo, and In-credible Hidden Agenda:

The Rise of the Parti-Archs, and The Brother-Hood, and Bearded Assassin’s Creed, the Furthering of Their Credo, and In-credible Hidden Agenda:

So recently, I have notices a distressing and disturbing trend in which every other, if not every advertisement on Television has cast-in the script a bearded man, or a collection of bearded men, and some even have Three out of Four actors who are bearded, and are supposed to be representative of society and community, and nothing could be more further from the truth or from reality.

So why is there The Return to The Days of Abraham, and Moses, and The Prophets, and Controlling Patriarchs who take away Freedoms, and Impose Strict Scriptures and Repressive Laws and Acts, and Regulation, and Prohibitions to enslave Men, Women, and Children?

Who is casting these casting decisions, and who is paying the price for these decisions, and advertisements, where are the advertisers getting the revenues for the adverti8sing expenses, and actor’s fees and Agency Commissions, is it not from the consumers, and public?

So why distort the casting, and discriminate in the casting, why cast away some representations of the people and community and society, why try and deliberate and deliberately create an imbalance in society and the power balance and structure in society?

The other disturbing trend is in ‘Bollywood’, where is is evident that the trend, and control is far far worse, and the bearded assassins are given roles or murderers, killers, rapists, child-molesters, exploiters, and Pedophiles. Why?

Bollywood’s themes are getting so nasty and far-fetched. Who is conjuring up these themes and guidelines, and prescriptions for scripts? Why air or show these movies at lunch-time, why show themes of Paedophilia to a lunch-time audience on Saturday, on OMNI-2 TV ?

What is the hidden agenda between the lines, and the scripts, and the scriptures?

Is it for the recruitment of Disciples, and Robots, and Automatons, and Apprentices, and Slaves, and Guardians for the Assassin’s Creed?

And The Public is Comatose and Oblivious and Couldn’t-Care-Less and is Careless and as usual is waiting for some Saviour or Redeemer to deliver them from their troubles.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Saturday 23rd May 2015



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