No. 58 – The Ingenuity of the Devious and Malicious Minds

The Ingenuity of the Devious and Malicious Minds:

My PRO camera’s firmware automatically rolled-back from version 1.2.6 to 1.2.4 whereby the camera suddenly could not recognize the difference between a 16 GB memory card and 8 GB memory card, so the camera thinks a 16 gig card is an 8gig card which I was photographing at an event, this happened a few hours before the event when I inserted the CF card.

So, imagine my Canon EOS 1D Mark II somehow sabotaged by some criminal or criminal organization or syndicate and so it automatically got rolled-back to the earlier version of firmware and thinks a 16 GB card is an 8 GB card (even though it shows that it is at version 1.2.6, it behaves as though it is at version 1.2.4 and I am unable to download the firmware as the serial number is not being recognized as a valid serial number.. You cannot imagine the circus of Law Enforcement and Security in Canada, it has gone completely “berserk” and “hay-wire” and has become “meaningless” and “useless” and “nonsensical and criminally negligent” and “criminally insane”!  And leaves me wondering whether the Law and Law enforcement is actually an accomplice or accessory to organized crime, or a co-conspirator or actually colludes with the criminals or is indeed itself the perpetrator.  Shame on Canadian Law enforcement and Justice and Public Protection and Human Rights for making it and CANADA a circus!

It is so incredible and such a tragic shame to even imagine a Canon Pro D-SLR’s operating firmware automatically rolling back to an earlier version with NO option of upgrading to the latest version either through wifi or through spyware or malware or malicious software virused on the CF card and the taking over the operating firmware of a Pro camera or any camera. Such is the ingenuity of the devious and malicious sick minds, and even sicker law enforcement and police and intelligence who sit all day driving around their cars and on their a**es and do absolutely No good at all but just pass around the buck for decades and decades and then retire and go on pension.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

4th May 2015.

1843 hrs.


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