No. 55 – Indian-ness and The World View and Delhi Photo Festival

This is a comment on The Delhi Photo Festival Talks, Lectures, and Presentations (here on Youtube: ) and here: and here on Wikipedia: after having watched .

A nice lecture and presentation, and having watched several on DPF, it is quite obvious now that Bangalore has some serious societal issues that it does not want to face the facts to, and it would be nice to see photographers document the home and not the world. There is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done to dispel all the myths and mythology and chauvinism, in places specifically like Bangalore, and generally like India and Indian-ness itself. India is THE largest democracy, and had rightfully earned that title in many ways, but in many ways, the establishment wants it to remain in the era of the Vedas and Puranas and Mullahs, and Padres, and Gurus, and Shrees so that is such a shame when one is blind to themselves, and many of these presentations deals with others and looking at others but not at self-discovery. It is not Ryan that this post is specifically addressed to, but is more general to the artists, activists, reporters, narrators, story-tellers whose choice of stories ends up becoming very telling on how Indians see others and also see themselves or fail to see themselves and how they see the world.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Monday 27th April 2015.


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