No. 53 – Radicalization and Religious Revival in Canada

Thank you P_. for your e-mail.
I meant to write to you earlier today, and have just now seen your e-mail.
While I appreciate the opportunity to show some samples of my images at the Public Library, I meant to write to decline.
The main reason is in protest to the Radicalization and Religious Revival that the Government of Canada is Propagating and Sponsoring, and while the some (many actually can do a lot but are supporting the regime of intolerance and ignorance and indifference by their silence) staff at the library have no control over the dictates of actual staff-holders, and the authoritarian dictators and despots who are ruling and ruining Canada by force and forcefully using all the Forces, and time warping Canada into the ignorant and dark past past and trying to take it back to the ages of the prophets and superstition and miracles and feudal society, and are prohibiting and banishing free thought, inquiry, criticism, and atheism.
Furthermore, I protest the government stupidly and ignorantly playing into the game of the War-Mongers, and are indoctrinating young minds to turn into soldiers to wage war so that more more soldiers and priests can be recruited (as the old guards and priests are dying in battles and retiring and so that more weapons of mass destruction can be manufactured and released onto others all using public funds.
I would also like to protest the growing and expanding and all-encompassing and controlling role of the Religious institutions in controlling and dictating public policy for Canadian Public (particularly the Society of Jesus, and the Pope and the Vatican, and the Saudis with their Islam, and the revival and RISE of the Bearded (all of them), and revival by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, not obviously never forgetting the Jewish Congress, so the sponsorship of these institutions and the contributions that they make t(in cash and kind) o the real Rulers orchestrated by the Ignorant in The Government and Communities of Canada whose policies and practices affect non-believers with the ignorant lies they conjure-up and propagate and preach, and broadcast suing public funds, and resources.
I deeply regret having immigrated to this despotic totalitarian authoritarian collection of provinces ruled by iron fists and by Forces and not by reason.
Mubeen Mughal
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday 25th March 2015.

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