No. 48 – The Freedom to Prohibit Expression and the Authority to Establish Barriers to Accountability and Public Safety and Protection:

The Freedom to Prohibit Expression and the Authority to Establish Barriers to Accountability and Public Safety and Protection:

What is the role of the Judiciary, and the Law Makers, and the Law, and the Public in the role of Public Protection, and the Public in creating, and maintaining checks and balances, and safeguards on the Judiciary, the Carraige of Justice, Passage of Laws and Regulations and Rules and Acts and Policies that are in favour of  the Government and Those Who Govern but at the Expense and Detriment, and Oppression, and Repression of Those Who Actually Foot the Bills, and the Expenses, and Allowances, and Bear the Burdens, and Suffer the Consequences of the Laws which Prohibit the Freedom of Expression and Ability to hold Demonic Despots to Account for their Actions and Inactions?

Who safe-guards the balance between Privacy and Secrecy, and Non-Disclosure?

Who regulates the Regulators of the Legal Profession, and other Professions and watches and keenly observes for Fairness, Equality, and Transparency and Parity for All Parties?

Who watches the Watchers to ensure that they do not deem Inadmissible and Prohibit the Recording and Capturing of Evidence, especially Compelling Evidence, and ensure that it is not hidden away, or withheld, or destroyed, or shredded, or garbled, or burnt, or buried, or encrypted, and prevented from being made Public, and not kept under covers and labelled Classified, Top-Secret, for No-One’s Eyes?

And Which Mortals will Author and Administer the Policy on Policing Policies for Policing the Police and Authorities, and Immortals, and Untouchables, and Authoritarian Architects, and Ministers of Administration to ensure good-conduct?

What is the Role of the Courts as a Barrier to the Carraige of Justice in Favour of the Rulers, The Presidents, the Governers, the Keepers of Order, The Directors, the Elite, The Corp-Orations, The Executives, the Executors, the Chosen Few, The Select, The Elect, The Elite, the Power-Hungry Powerful, The Vested, and the Mono-Polizers, to Assure the Prevention and Prohibition of Injustices in all Jurisdictions?

Who will keep an Eye on these and Sundry Barriers to a True and Accountable Democracy?

What Role and Role-Playing does the Public and Members of the Public have in Defending and Protecting itself, and Fending-Off the Unjust?

And does the Public and Members of the Public have any other role but to dole out more and more money, and praise, and songs, and taxes, to empower the All-Powerful?

What Role and Responsibility do Publics have in Protecting themselves from a Lot of Tyrannical and Despotic Self-Serving Governments and Corrupt Dictators, and Officials, and Authorities?

When will the Peoples and The Publics have the Authority to Police the Police and Policy makers, and Setters of the Agendas, and also Police the Forces, and Militias,  and Militaries, and Armies, Especially Armies of Drones, Robots, and Automatons to prevent them from getting away with Crimes, Rapes, Pillage, Looting, Theft, Massacres, and Misuse and Appropriation of Public, Funds, Property, Resources, and maintain the Trust of the Public, as well as ensuring the The Public gets Good Quality of Service, and Money’s Worth, and also Prevents Secrecy of Secret Sorceries by Secret Societies and Conjurers who Con the Public’s Trust NOT ONLY at Local Levels but also at National and Inter-National, and Global, and Universal Levels?

Whose job is it?

Who has been entrusted with this Responsibility???

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

9th March 2015



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