No. 46 – “Empire of Illusion – The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” by Chris Hedges.

“Empire of Illusion – The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” by Chris Hedges.

I just read his excellent book which is filled with his insightful and honest observations.

Sadly, Hedges does not see and recognise that the American Elite and North American Elite, and the Elite elsewhere too are demented, criminally insane, and power-hungry sadistic mono-maniacal terrorist narcissists and that the bulk of the public are ignorant, blind, powerless, helpless, and hopeless and that is made worse by the fact that they are spoon-fed with toxins (including neuro-toxins), chemicals, drugs, lies, and staged realities, and manufactured illusions from conception, to death hence they are in a state of fantastic euphoria but which is so untrue, and which the poor masses take for gospel truths, and reality, but alas this is only an intended illusion to strip them away from all of their possessions, and even their very souls and keep them lingering on precariously as consumers and debtors to be taken advantage of by agents who are nothing but idiotic puppets, parrots, blind-bats, automatons, robots, drones, and fancy unthinking unethical immoral and unscrupulous widgets to maximize their employers’ profits at their very own doom and gloom and the doom and apocalypse of humanity, society and also the doom of flora and fauna and the ecology and ecosystems.

So what remains, the fish, the toxic paper to be eaten by the genetically modified humans engineered to minimize the output of carbon emissions and maximize tax revenues and corporate profits, resulting in a “win-win” situation for all?

What a load of crap!

What will it take to wake people up to see where they are being mis-led to by the mastery of their blind masters, most especially The Government and Governments which allow these atrocities and robberies to be played out in broad-day light!

Mubeen Mughal
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
9th February 2015.


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