No. 45 – Dementia in the Canadian and American Government and other governments and Mass-Madness in the authoritarian authorities and tormentors and usurpers of public funds and rights…

Dementia in the Canadian and American Government and other governments and Mass-Madness in the authoritarian authorities and tormentors and usurpers of public funds and rights…

Really their conduct is despicable, shameful, hateful and bordering on criminal, and insane, and how they are allowed to get away with taking away peoples (the public’s) money, freedom, privacy, and human rights, and dignities really shocks me.

Books and books have been written and end up collecting dust in libraries, and it is almost as though the books are being read by unconscious public and people and taxpayers and consumers.

They employ armies to silence people and lock them up in jails and even execute (death penalty) people.  Do these governments have anything to display to show that they are peopled,and led, and governed by sane people.

The governments rule by force and farces and employ armed forces who use excessive force (or any force at all, ridiculing democracy and common sense) to get away with murder and capital crimes BY FORCE.  The public are powerless ignorant blind bats who have no concept of right or wrong, good or evil, it is as though the employees and officers or the government are demented and insatiable cannibals and vampires.

Watching the sessions by the congress and senate and parliament is like watching a circus of murderers, cannibals, butchers, war-mongers, hopeless drug-addicts, war-criminals, and idiots.

How security and intelligence and policing is so blind with all the most sophisticated technologies  and the best and brightest minds is one of the most spectacular spectacles in the entire universe.

They have not done ANYTHING AT ALL to detect and deter and prevent any major or minor crimes, or child exploitation, or child pornography, or global drug economy, or human rights violations or have they anything to show.

They publish glorified drivel , and silly good-for-nothing-reports and praise each other and award each other medals (especially gold) and honours for their dumb antics, and purchase of assets and luxuries using public funds of laborers working minimum wage and on the verge of bankruptcy and starvation and near-death experiences.

AND THE PUBLIC WATCHES THEM (encourages them, blesses them, and patronizes them, all the while watching them and supporting them as they perpetrate, master-mind, plan, lead, organize, control, coordinate, manage, administer, and market said injustices and crimes against humanity and the public, and poor consumers, and labourers, and helpless, and  vulnerable, and uneducated, and unprofessional, and unconnected, non-members, tax-payers, rate-payers, purchasers, consumers, patients, victims, abused, fund-raisers, donors, sponsors) ORCHESTRATE THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND ARE UNCONSCIOUS, OBLIVIOUS, UNMOVED, INDIFFERENT, COMATOSE AND COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT BEING RAPED AND TORTURED BY THESE GOVERNMENTS AND THEIR OFFICERS AND PRESIDENTS AND MINSTRELS, AND ASSASSINS, THIEVES, AND LIARS.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Tuesday 3rd February 2015.


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