No. 43 – Little Tom Thumb goes to the Last Concentration Camp where there are promised abundant jobs in factories and opportunities of going straight to heavenly paradise !

Little Tom Thumb goes to the Last Concentration Camp where there are promised abundant jobs in factories and opportunities of going straight to heavenly paradise !

Last night, Tom Thumb had a dream. In that dream, he dreamt that he had a dream that he was dreaming that he had been accosted by agents who told him that they would help him (for a fee and to save money) to get the necessary permits to go to a wonderland where there are lines and lines of factories with abundant employment opportunists since labour market research, by the marketers, has shown that there are labour shortages just waiting to be filled by the unsuspecting, and there are guaranteed (THOUGH TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT ANY NOTICE WHATSOEVER) prospects of the best quality of life and with unlimited opportunities of going straight to heavenly paradise with no intermediate stop-overs.

So Little Tom Thumb paid the fee, and answered the questions of the Immigration Consultants who filled out the forms which they already had and submitted the forms to the Ministry of Labour and Labourers. Four years later, Little Tom Thumb received a packet with the permit which would allow him to enter the fantastic wonderland. After a long journey in an airship, he landed and found that there were actually no jobs because, and moreover he was repeatedly scolded that he did not possess the requisite experience which the people in the New Land referred so proudly and patriotically to as: “Wonderland Experience”. He tried and tried to get a job, but to his dismay, he found and saw proof that his e-mails were barred from reaching employers. He tried complaining to the authorities, but they were disinterested, and in fact, were dismissive and got their agents from the Inquisitions Agency to hound, and terrify, sabotage and torture poor Little Tom Thumb.
All the while that this was horror was going on, Little Tom Thumb was petrified to see that he was shninking gradually day by day and turning into a garden gnome and getting littler and littler, and in fact was of no consequence now, though in the past he was so proud to be somebody. But now, he had been reduced to nothing by the devious authorities through chemicals, psychological torture, and threats of execution and deportation. So strict and perverse were the misters and mistresses from the Department of Destruction Organization (DODO).

Day after day, poor Little Tom Thumb sought justice but his pleas fell on the deaf ears of Blind Bats who got even more annoyed and tormented him even more than before and took vows amongst themselves to eliminate him completely since he was such a thorn.
Now Little Tom Thumb was aghast, he could not comprehend why ALL of the people in wonderland could not see what was happening, or who was obstructing his communications for justice, and began to have doubts that his communication what being distorted and prohibited and blocked and routed into a black hole in a triangular void.
Poor little Tom Thumb did not know what to do…


Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Thursday 15th January 2015.


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