No. 41 – The Agenda of The Falsifiers and their Lies:

The Agenda of The Falsifiers and their Lies:

Why are Falsifiers dangerous and treacherous and despicable and horrible and terrifying and barbaric?

Falsifiers are dangerous menaces to societies because, they Falsify:

1. Reports
2. Facts and Findings
3. Statistics
4. Data in Data-bases
5. Votes and Voting Records
6. News
7. Minutes of Meetings
8. Accounts (Narrative, Management, Financial, Public, Private, Statutory)
9. Historical Records
10. Records and Findings and Testimony and Transcripts of Investigations, Inquests, and Inquiries
11. Interpretations, Translations, Diagnoses, Prognoses, Prescriptions, Medications, Procedures
12. Budgets, Expenses, Tax Liabilities, Tax Revenues, Spending, Collections, Contributions, Assets, Liabilities, Cash & Bank Balances
13. Property Ownership Records
14. Public Records
15. Commit Falsehoods and betray trust of the people and public and children and innocent and victims, and their communities, constituents, voters, followers, supporters, donors, citizens, residents, guests, and observers
16. They wage War, pillage, Plunder, Loot, Destroy, Rape under False pretenses
17. Publish and Broadcast and Propagate and Disseminate utter Lies
18. obstruct and destroy Justice, and block Truths
19. Censor and edit out the real Truth
20. Prevent and Impede and Bar Free-speech
21. Are a bunch and lot of Lying and deceiving scoundrels
22. Punish ands Torture the Innocent in view of the innocent
23. Steal, Misappropriate, Misuse, Discount the use of Public Funds and Trust
24. Are incapable of becoming Trustees and Hold Fiduciary responsibility and Accountability to Humanity
25. Are best suited and vested for careers and vocations in fanciful and imaginative fictional creative-writing
26. Can maintain collusion between and amongst independent peop0le, officers, persons, bodies, agencies, departments, and institutions and organizations and corporations and partnerships and alliances and allies
27. Can Torture and Torment people and keep and don a smiling face and deny that it ever happened matter-of-factly
28. Are The Masters at Betrayal

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

13th January 2015


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