No. 38 – My disappointment at the conditions and governance in the lands ruled and ‘controlled’ by Satan (directly or remotely), his Disciples, The Devil Worshippers, and The Luciferian Agenda and Luciferian Order.

My disappointment at the conditions and governance in the lands ruled and ‘controlled’ by Satan (directly or remotely), his Disciples, The Devil Worshippers, and The Luciferian Agenda and Luciferian Order.

There are Nine countries which jointly rank First:
United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Netherlands, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, The Vatican City, and (The Kingdom of) Israel.

In all of these countries, the real power is vested in the hands of Lucifer and in the labyrinth of networks manned by his fallen angels and blind bats, who in disguise, commit and justify their atrocities and befool the public and humanity and even go to the extent of hypnotizing, brain-washing, and controlling people, particularly the greedy, the unscrupulous, the opportunistic, the immoral, the unethical, and the ignorant, the fraudsters, and the panderers, CENSORS, CONSENTORS, Liars, and Flatterers to achieve and maintain the Luciferian Order and Agenda so that mankind may live in perpetual darkness, misery, agony, slavery, bondage, and suffering. In other words, they have and would like to see humanity engulfed by their designs and live in Hell right here on Earth according to the directives and scriptures of Lucifer and his cronies, and zealots, and robots, and puppets, and parrots, and armies of armed blind bats of darkness, and not forgetting the administrators and dispensers of dark authority and dark matter using Cronies, Henchemen, Loonies, Looters, Presidents, Boards of Directors, Directors, Share-Holders, Fellows, Members, Associates, Agents, Representatives. Executives, Executors, Treasurers, Barristers, Solicitors, Summoners, Partners, Ministers, Minstrels, Silent-Partners, Secretaries, Apprentices, Followers, Flock, Artists of the Black Arts, Con-artists, Magis, Magistrates, and Magicians, Grim-Reapers et. al.

And then these draconian despots, tyrants, dictators, and Lords and Princes of Darkness control and manipulate agendas of other free-countries, colonies, territories, duchies, and control the destinies of other people and also people elsewhere and in other lands who have nothing to do with them and want nothing to do with them or their demonic plans and global schemes and scheming, and aspirations and ambitions of greed, and lust for power and money and fame and control mania.

So they appoint other blind bats to lead lesser blind bats in organizations and institutions like the United Nations, The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The World health Organization, the International Labour Organization, etc. etc and they make profits by financing, arming, disarming, destroying, reconstructing, torturing, and simultaneously rehabilitating, using not even one penny of their own, but other peoples money.
So devious and demonic are they.

Thurber was too polite and himself a mouse when he wrote: “The Rabbi ts who caused all the Trouble”, he had aspired to write “The Luciferian Blind Bats who are the source and Origin of Darkness and Ignorance”, but he was too meek, and timid, and like a church mouse wrote his pseudo-monumental work in total fear, but not I.

What is so astounding is that these regimes get so much support from people who worship the ideals, Idols, ideology, and ideas in these regimes, and the followers just follow the leaders blindly as expected for obviously the blind bats are leading other blind bats straight into hell, and that is the objective and it is met with so much support and praise and without any questions or criticisms or objections.

Entire populations are blind in darkness, and incognizant of reality and appearance, and they have actually come to believe in outright lies as gospel truth and have forsaken reality and Truth and Honesty and Accountability and Integrity and Responsibility for the people have come to believe that they are languishing and relaxing in paradise when in fact they are living and slaving in Maximum Security prisons in Hell.

Mubeen Mughal


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

January 5th.


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