No. 37 – Mercurio, Mercury, and the Mercurial and Ignorant Professionals and Devious Practitioners:

Mercurio, Mercury, and the Mercurial and Ignorant Professionals and Devious Practitioners:

It is widely and very well known what Mercury is. It is a heavy metal, it is liquid at room temperature, used in thermometers, and was used in batteries, and is still used in house-hold energy-saver bulbs, and also in Vaccines and dental tooth-fillings.
So is it that those who are supposed to know and protect the public don’t know, or are power-less, or ignorant, or are indifferent, or in slumber, or are sinister and even devious and know very well that Mercury is highly toxic and poisonous especially when administered to people, animals, seeds, grains and crops?

Mercury emits fumes (vapours) that are colourless, odourless, and invisible. *

Mercury is used in amalgam for dental-fillings, in paints, wax-polishes, fabric softeners, pesticide, plastics, paper (and paper-bleaching),and clothing manufacture. *

Harmful effects of Mercury and its compounds causes and leads to, directly and indirectly:

Loss of teeth, tremors, difficulty in walking and talking (motor impairment and diminishment), mental retardation and dis-ability, able to damage unborn-babies (and future descendants – hereditary disability and crippling), damage brain neurons, ataxic gait, convulsions, numbness in limbs, difficulty in vision and speech, damages bone-marrow, lymph-nodes, nerve-fibres and kidneys, and erodes pockets of brain-tissue, causes blindness, and aberration in chromosomes and DNA. *

*Source: National Geographic Vol. 142 No. 4 (Oct 1972) Pgs. 507-527.

Why is Mercury still being used in vaccines (injected), tooth-fillings and in over-the-counter concoctions in Canadian Pharmacy chains?
WHO is monitoring and who IS responsible for studying and tracking the manufacture, usage, consumption, incidence, indifference, and regulation of Mercury as Medicine and Pesticide?
WHO has been entrusted with this public-safety responsibility and accountability?

It is so scary and shuddering to imagine and think about how far the bio-medical-technology-bio-horror&terror-WMDs lucrative business may have come 43 years later and under the very watchful eyes of the researchers, scientists, scientific community, educators, professionals, regulators, global health organisations, investors, and shareholders to protect tender and precious lives and livelihood.
What kinds of minds are those that can witness all this and NOT Mind?

Nota Bene (NB):  How are people so ignorant and hypnotized that they worship serve protect guard and idolize sinister and maniacal devious despots dictators tyrants fanatics butchers killers thieves usurpers war-mongers mass-murderers drug-dealers loan-sharks pimps and lying scoundrels???
Mubeen Mughal
26th December 2014
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA


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