No. 36 – Perception and The Appearance Reality Theme in “Such a Long Journey (1998)”

Perception and The Appearance Reality Theme in “Such a Long Journey (1998)”


Sooni Taraporevala (such an authority on the Parsi’s and Parsi-ism)
Rohinton Mistry (social commentator, story-teller, and author of repute)
Director: Sturla Gunnarsson

So here comes my review about this film.

The Three are poking-fun about the Parsi community but in very harsh negative light as though ‘all’ the Parsi people as incapable of any good or goodness. They have made fun of the theme of the Journey, and have even qualified it by turning it into ” ‘Such a long’…Journey “.

They have together ridiculed the Wall of the persecuted* unsuspecting duped victims.

They have consented, and approved and inserted a graphic scene in which a stark naked mentally unfortunate boy is shown fornicating with a plastic toy doll in such detail, and later they have also made the same child’s corpse lie with the same plastic doll in bed.

What exactly is this Trio trying to show or demonstrate, or accomplish, or portray or project?

What are they showing and telling about themselves with such story-telling in their film?

* PERSECUTED: Indoctrinated and brain-washed victim from child-hood, and victimized and condemned, and opressed by ideologies of cryptic code, daily conduct, ritual, routine, practices, micro-management, and over-regulation of free-will and exercise of freedoms applied and forcible enforced and continuously reinforced and enslaved by bondage and servitude to the symbols, design, plan, plot, instructions, missions, permissions, institutions, propaganda, mass-media, stories, by their authorities, elders, parents, authors, community spokespersons, commentators, and moral police forces, and threatened to eternal damnation for failure to comply and submit to submission in their mission.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

13th December 2014.


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