No. 34 – DEMOCRACY ON TRIAL – The authority and Rule of the Despots in Pak-istan, and the assasination and death of a nation:

DEMOCRACY ON TRIAL – The authority and Rule of the Despots in Pak-istan, and the assasination and death of a nation:

Or, The Unnecessary excessive use of Forces and Blind faith to over-power and over-rule the “wills” of the poor people, and force them to remain but poor subjects.

1. Why is Pakistan under military rule for the past 40 years?

2. Why is Pakistan getting military aid from USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada?

3. Why can’t Pakistani’s elect non-military, and irreligious representative democratic leaders chosen and elected for Four year terms each, to lead them out of darkness and into enlightenment and progress and modernity?

4. How and where and why is foreign aid being used and in which projects and who benefits from those projects, and what do the poor people get in return?

5. How much revenue is generated from drug manufacture, and trafficking?

6. How much is the total annual expenditure of the military and what is the worth of its assets, and where does Pakistan get money to fund it’s military and religios organizations?

7. How much is the investment and expenditure in public education?

8. How and why is Pakistan doubly-doomed by the reign of the military and authority of The Mullahs, and will it take at least 500 years to erase and heal the scars left by the military and religion to get to freedom from serfdom from the former and latter?

9. What is the average salary of commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the military and defense and what are the salaries of the mullahs and what is the source of the revenue?

10. How and when will military and religious rule be revoked and removed, and dissolved, and by whom (which Pakistani’s really care about their people or nation or future) ?

11. Why is Pakistan in charge of ISNA, and why are there no other Muslim countries with such religious organizations in North America?

Are there ANY True patriots, amongst ALL the puppets and parrots and predators?
Mubeen Mughal
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday 7th December 2014


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