No. 31 – Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1978):

Woody Allen’s Manhattan:

______He had presented a series of vignettes and social commentary of New York as well as the world, more so in the mind-set of the 1980’s with his usual humour and satire.

______Aside from the themes of relationships, extra-marital affairs, dating, and intellectualization, Woody Allen has attempted to show a minor’s love-affair with a married adult and parent with children. So here is a 15 or 16 year old who has fallen madly and deeply in love with a 40-ish man, who has a child of his own, and this under-age teen is having a love-affair with this parent.

______The teen is portrayed by Mariel Hemingway who was 17 during the production and she did a credible role in the portrayal. So questions that come to mind are why this teen is deeply and madly in love with this married man who has a child of his own? Is it love, sex, money, drugs? Could she not find romance with someone at her school or age-group, or among peers? What was this parent who she was having a relationship with giving her that the others could not or were not?

______This film is set in the 1980’s an era of extreme excesses and wide-spread use of hard-drugs and he is showing the moral decline as he sees or wants to tell and is pertinent because the same issues are taking place even now on a global level.

______Sad is the plight and helplessness, and hopelessness of this teenage and others like her who are ensnared and/or caught-up in the trap in which they are peddling their virtue to the whims of the dirty old adult and role-model, who of all people should know better but evidently does not or will not.

______Imagine the horror of his own child or spouse at learning that the parent is consummating with someone in his/her own school or peers, and what must they be going through?

______This issue of teens and minors at the hands of the patriarchs (mainly) is an important one and one that needs to be investigated more and understood and looked at from all angles and points-of-view of society at large, otherwise we fail ourselves, and become fallen and yet pretend to be angels.

______It is almost as though the exploitation of minors has become institutionalized in plain sight of the whole world, and the public, and the victims, and the participants, and the opportunists, while the whole world is blind to “it”, and is pre-occupied in chasing illusions and trivial vanities.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday 29 November 2014.


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