No. 27 – TOTAL Blindness in Broad Daylight in a Surveyllaince Society

TOTAL Blindness in Broad Daylight in a Surveyllaince Society:

How is it possible that in an Absolute Surveylliance Society with records of everything, that facial matches cannot be made, host-servers are invisible, actors are

unidentifiable and go unnoticed, up-loads are untracked, unmonitored, and have no co-orrdinates and IP addresses, and there are no-logs, all surveylliance cameras are

blind, and allow motion to go undetected and are not available for scrutiny, and have selective vision, and the public enjoy remain being befooled and blinded further by

the lies and cover-ups of people within the same society, yet their salaries and pensions are withdrawn from public funds with precision accuracy without question.

How is this possible in this plane of existence, dimension, and being?

How is it possible, I really would like to know?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Thursday 30th October 2014.


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