No. 24 – Privacy, Perversion and Surveillance

What private and romantic personal communication do intelligence
officers have access to and intercept and keep re-playing and
get-off to, as part of their duty to the public using public funds,
and enjoy watching those very taxpayers’ private moments,
especially the sounds of love-making and innocent teenagers
You like to watch, eh?

Now watch out!!!

Who is IT noiw???

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Tuesday 21st October 2014.


One thought on “No. 24 – Privacy, Perversion and Surveillance

  1. How and why is THE GOVERNMENT of Canada, and THE PUBLIC of Canada covering up WAR CRIMES, atrocities, Murder of Aboriginal Women, and Immigrants, Rape and Slaughter of Children, and the the PUBLIC turns a blind aye to all there arrocities, and becomes COMATOSE, and THE PUBLIC goes even further by putting these criminal idiots in OFFICE, vote for them, finance them by donations and contributions, and eevn give moral and spiritual support.

    These people commandeer 18 wheel truck in drive recklessly in residential areas, lat week in Hamilton, and make dangerous U_Turns a,d 3-point turns in full view of thwe PUBLIC and REPUBLIC.

    Come on Canadian WTF is wrtong with you all.
    The send special oip’s teams to beak into my house when I am way, to sabotage my communication, and block my please for justic to LOCAkl and International l;aw wenforcement agencies, and lack the courtest to respond to my commuinication.

    They try and kill me and my family when I am driving on the road and pretend innocense whenI report the incident

    To the police and government offiials and premiers and mu blogs and flick postings and monitor my calls and everymovement but are F****** Oblivious to the artocities and war crimes.

    The folls are silent when body part are mailed in Canada Post as ahet mail.

    I can understand that There are criminal. but WTF is wrong with the public, why are you covering up war crimes??

    oday I was at a public library where there is full monitoring and the f******-****** sabotaged me and my son’s computer two times. and prevenmted my from writing tjhis message as a wak up call for thew PITIFUL CANADIAN public !

    The Government is perpetrating, or failing to prevent, or refusing to investigate these heinous and atrcious war croimes, and the sleep PUBLIC uis fast-asleep.
    So the PUBLIC are colluding with and conspiring with teh Government.

    SHAME on all of you!!!

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