No. 20 – Suppressed and Oppressed Community Voices:

Suppressed and Oppressed Community Voices:

Sep 16, 2014 at 10:27 AM
To: Bowes, Gord (Editor – Hamilton Mountain News)

Hello Gord Bowes:

Further to my voice-mail and phone conversation of this morning in which I had asked if I could be a contributor to your paper and in which you asked me to send you a sample piece of less than 400 words for your approval, regretfully as I have to seek and obtain your consent, permission, approval, support, censure, all of these are repressive and opressive of free thought and expression which only happens under an indifferent and unconcerned Dictatorial and Totalitarian regime operating under the guise of Democracy and undermines the Democratic Process and Democratic Principals.

Hence, I don’t want to be a participant in a futile attempt at public and community expression.


Mubeen Mughal
(Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA)  E-mail:

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