No. 19 – On the Trail of The Tale of the Fantastic Fabled and Mythical Fountain of Limitless Wealth Spewing Forth out of Nothing but Thin Air and Imagination!

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It is so sad, this is a man, then there are entire families that are broke, and then there are entire cities that are broke and can’t pay bills, and all the while the extravagant spending on the military and war is on the rise, higher and higher like never before in the history of mankind, and has extravagant budgets are constantly approved by the voters, and public, and consumers for spying, intelligence, ammunition, soldiers, generals, their retirement and pensions, and assets, and one wonders where all that money came from and where it will continue to come from like from some fabled and mythical fountain that will continue to pour forth virtual money limitlessly to the end of time.

The truth is that American went broke in 1850, and has continued to have ever-growing over-spending ever since, see:


and yet the people are continuously and sonstantly led to believe that it is the most prosperous nation in the entire Cosmos, and no one knows with certainty the actal figure of the real cumulative budget deficit, there are various arbitrary guesses posted here and there, but there is absolutely no consensus backed up by real audited financial and management accounts and no one one earth has a clue, yet the spending is miraculously and repeatedly authorized by the authorities, and the politicians continue to get elected by landslide victories by the same voters who have absolutely no idea of the their governments financial status and standing.

The scholars, intelectuals, authors, professionals, regulators and analysts continue to publish books, papers, theories and facts about the growing economy and abundant money supply.

People the time to wake up has long past!

$ 2 Billion down the drain: , only for more to be spent on a replacement that costs even more.

what we need is truth, and kindness by the authorities. What we don’t need are lies, propaganda, cover-ups, and wanton greed.

Mubeen Mughal Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday 9th September 2014.


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