No. 18 – Retracing the Roots of Madness:

Retracing the Roots of Madness:

The Authors of Authority who Authorized Murder and Torture and Oppression and Repression and Exploitation.

The Perpetrators of The Worst Crime in the enitre history.

The People, Their Organization and Organisations, and Their Institutions, and Their Propaganda to Perpetuate Their Madness and Crimes.

Who is going to Charge Them, and for What?  They wanted to Own Everything, and Everyone!  The Concept of ownership, and The Ownership of Nature, and Natural Phenomena, and They wanted Themselves to be Worshipped and Served, with Utter Lack of Regard for The Others and The Other, and The Communities, Theirs as well as The Others’.

They lied about and falsified Universal Truths to only further Their Self-Interests, and Their Victims were Helpless, and they The Victors along with their Agents and Agencies and Assigns, and Their Followers, and Their Supporters (Moral, Financial, Spiritual, Ideological), and Their Administrators, and Their Executors.

So Poisonous have been Their Lies, and Their Myths, and Their Rites, and Their Propaganda, and Their Intelligence.

The branding of people!

And now they have Devised methods with The Devious Minds to Own Species and have even gone a giant step Further by Copy-righting Species, and have taken Control of Seeds.

Muben Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
Sunday August 31, 2014.


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