No. 17 – Re-examining, re-assessing, auditing, and re-defining the measures and assessment of Quality of Life and the Indicators thereof (in contrast and comparison to the publicly-available propaganda):

1. Military spending per person, per second

2. Military spending as a percentage of revenue collected

3. Military spending compared to spending on public education

4. Spending on military libraries and education compared to public libraries and public education

5. Percentage of bankcruptcies of working population

6. Percentage of people under-employed

7. Per Capita suicides, and suicide attempts

8. Assets of Government vs. assets of public

9. Per capita number of homeless

10. Per capita number of drug users and addicts

11. Spending by Government of Publicly obtained Revenues on itself and on government salaries

12. Total assets (Consolidated) of all Religious institutes

13. Total Salaries of all religious officers

14. Per capita donations and charity to religious institutions

15. Per capita spending on religious and exclusive schools

16. Compensation of executives in the not-for-profit sector

17. Per capita number of victims of rape, murder

18. Average number of hospitalizations, and out-patient visits per person, and average cost per visit

19. Freedom from Rhetoric and Propaganda by news media and journalism

20. Total Salaries of government officers comparaed to revenue collected

21. Pecentage of Revenue Spend on Spying

22. Percentage of Revenue spent of Policing

23. Percentage of Revenue spent on Torture

24. Percentage and Number of Religious Authority Figures and Spiritual Leaders and Officers who have taken vows of poverty and renounced their own riches themselves (instead of preaching to others and making others do it).

So this will bring into sharp-focus most clearly and crisply the true picture of quality of life as a real

and vivid reality.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Saturday, August 30, 2014:  1525 Hrs.


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