No. 16 – In the Lands of the Blindest:

Is Jack the Ripper still in Canada?

Heinous Acts as Proof for Initiation and Rights, and Rites, and Rituals of entry and membership of Cults and Societies of Well-Guarded Secrets, and Secrecy.
Torture, Abuse, Rape, Pillage, and Murder under the influence of drugs, and while in an Intoxicated-State.

Abuse techniques and methods, and strategies for inflicting Pain, Suffering, Humiliation, Agony, and Death to the Weak, Helpless, Unarmed, and Innocent Public, People, Teens, Elderly, Infants, Toddlers, and even The Others, even by remote-control.

Or how the Public gets-off to being and witnessing Torture.

To what extent must this madness be perpetuated, under the watchful eyes of the very blind.

Who are the Apprentices of The Marquis De Sades.

Are there Torture Manuals for Soldiers.

Are there Directives, Manuals, Briefs, and Instructions for the Abuse of Power and Office.

Is there such a thing as Judicial Blindness?

What are the Torture Techniques and Methods used by Priests, Monks, and Clergy in The Catholic Inquisition and Mafia?

Torture and Dis-Membering, and Mutilation techniques and methodology as described by the Scribes, Sages, Prophets, and authors of Authority of TheTorah, and Old Testament Books.

Anger, Wrath, Rage, Revenge, Destruction, and Terror in Torah and The Old Testament.

Exposing One-Sided Governance: Imposing Laws, Regulation, and Orders without Consent of the Subjects

Where is the Ministry of Dis-Information and Propaganda?

What are the people in the Community Watch, watching whilst on their watch?

Is it possible and permissible to use Ignorance AND Insanity as a Defence for Crimes and War-Crimes and Criminal Conduct and assorted unexcusable and unpardonable Crimes and Acts?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Wednesday, August 27, 2014;11.00AM


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