No. 15 – Of Secrecy, The Public, and The Responsibility and Duty of The Public:

Of Secrecy, The Public, and The Responsibility and Duty of The Public:

Why do people join and be a part of spy-adencies?

List of notable, and less notable and loess note-worthy character assasinations (internal and external), and real assasinations (internal and external) by spy-agencies?

Why do private security companies exist?

List of greatest failures of The Public and Public Policy, and Public Policing?

How and why does defence justify it’s existence and spending of piublic funds?

What have spy-agencies done for the public, and when and how have they protected the public?

Why is there no accountability of the defense and intelligence sector, why isw nothing ever made available to the public for public scrutiny, why is every thing top-secret, classified, private, and done under private tribunals, and hiudden from the scruniny of The Public?

Why doesn’t The Public know what is going on, and why doesn’t the public care, and why is trhe public giving away teir earnings, and finincial and moral support, and votes to these people who do every thing under the cloak of secrecy, and make their members take vows ond oaths of secrecy?

Why are the people in secret societies, in them in the first place, what secrets are they hiding, and from whom are they hiding thoose secrets, and to what extents will they go to mainain the secrecy, and to keep secret their secrets?

Why is The Public, indifferent, Apathetic, and Ignorant?

Who are the family members of these people who live in secrecy?

Why are these people doind what they do, and why are they allowed to get away with it, and justify their spending of the poor public’s funds, and hard-earned wagews, earning, and taxes, and donations, and charity?

Show Ten examples of How, Where, and When, their security has actually helped and been bene-ficial to The Public, and Our Children, and even Their Own Children and Family Members and Society at Large?

Why are these so many missing people, why are they so bling to reality?

Why is there so much expolitation, are they behind it, what steps are they taking to un-cover these crimes to society, or it is that they cannot do anything because they are under-cover and will riskm ex-posing themselves?

Who will Police the actual Criminals, and Criminal Organizarions, and Organized Crime, and Rackets, and Racketeering?

Why are these institutiuons not independent, and why do they Directors inevitable have vested interested, or are there to protect vested interests, or to set and keep in motion a “Hidden-Agenda”

Why doesn’t the Public attempt to find out the Hidden “Hidden-Agenda”?

Mubeen Mughal

Haamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Monday August 25, 2014

11:42 AM.

PS: A Feast for ‘your’ eyes to feast-on!


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