No. 13 – The Greatest Government Failure in Modern History

Your Worships: Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton,

It might come as a surprise to you as to why I have written to you all, and it is an even bigger surprise to me to have to go to this extent to seek justice, which has proved so elusive to find here in democratic Canada.

I have written to so many public officials of the Government of Canada, regarding lack of accountability, misconduct of the Police, and collective failures of the Governance and Leadership, that it is more and more appalling, and even looking as though the Government of Canada is aimless and meaningless (that’s how it appears to me, I didn’t want to say it, but have no choice now), it is such outrageous conduct that I cannot even begin to minimise or trivialise it, or even remain quiet about it; I have to spell it out in all capitals.

I have e-mailed: The Queen, The Prince, The Governor General (who also happens to be the Commander-In-Chief), ALL of the Premiers of Canada, various Ministers and Ministries, an assortment of law enforcement agencies – Local, Regional, Provincial, Federal, International, Multi-National, many ambassadors of Western European Democracies, The Ambassadors of South Africa, Kenya, China, and India, as well as some agencies of the U. S. Government and the President of the U. S. and some other International Institutions, and some others as well, as well as associations of Journalists. I was compelled to e-mail the ambassador of Pakistan as I was getting a lot of phone calls from Pakistani call-centres and I found those calls in violation of my freedom of conscience, persuasion, and the right to freedom, and peace and dignity.

How can it be that none of them received my e-mails. What is this Government of Canada and Canadians doing by screening, censoring, and tampering with my communication and inquiries especially because they are pertaining to human rights violations, both of the public’s, and mine, and my family’s?

I e-mailed the media and news networks only to find that my e-mails are either being intercepted and destroyed or the recipients are turning bling eyes to my e-mails, or knowingly fail to respond to my e-mails, and thus engage in acts of censorship and ignorance thereby compromising accountability and the carriage and administration of justice thereby knowingly and willfully perpetrating a grave injustice of the greatest proportions in modern history.

It is so so pathetic for me to have to go to this extent and to only find government officials with blind eyes, deaf ears, and who are mute, and unresponsive, and irresponsible as well.

I am writing about the issue of human rights violations of the public at the hands of the police and the intelligence, and those e-mails are either ending up in some mysterious black hole, or are redirected to the Bermuda Triangle where all my communication is lost without any trace whatsoever, and goes unnoticed without any acknowledgement inspite of all the security and safety measures. I have so much evidence communication in my e-mail accounts with yahoo, and g-mail, as well as those that were sent using the web-forms of the government web-sites, where are all thos e-mails and inquiries?


What legacy do they want to leave for their children, and our children, and the future generations?

Has this Government and these people any awareness, or conscientiousness, or consciousness?

What exactly is the Government of Canada trying to achieve, and accomplish, and cover-up?

What a shameful display of successive, and successful collective failures !

What kind of Democracy is this???

Does it mean that the Constitution, and Charter of Freedoms are lies, and bogus documents?

Me and my family are being targeted, and being made into targets, and my pleas and appeals for justice are being silenced out of some hatred, and by some hateful extra-judicial people and processes and no one takes any notice, or offers to investigate , or help in any manner whatsoever; How compromised can this government get?

How indifferent and blind can this government and its people be? That all of this goes and all of my communication efforts remain unnoticed inspite of the safety, and control measures, and the checks and balances are absolutely useless; How is this possible, and Why is it taking place in the first place ???

That my liberties are being re-stricted, limited, denied, barred is no joke and no laughing matter to be taken lightly! That we are constant and perpetual targets for the habitual and perverted relish of some incompetent fools is sickening. All of this is in contravention to known international laws and the Rome Statute.

Kind regards,

Mubeen Mughal
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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