No. 12 – Request for accountability in Canada

TO: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>;

<>; <>;



Very important reminder:

It was not my wish or intention to contact you, but I have no alternative as I have

already e-mailed HRH Prince Charles, The Premier of Ontario, The Governor General and

Commander-In-Chief, The Prime Minister, and Her Majesty The Queen of Canada and

England, none of them had the responsibility or accountability to contact me or

respond to me.

I had contacted them to hold them and the entire Government of Canada accountable for

the violation of the Rights of Humans (the Public), at the hands of the Forces (armed)

and Police, and in the clutches of the long arms of the Law and the terrible terror as

a consequence of. Unfortunately they all looked the other way and looked at my e-

mails with blind eyes and listened to my pleas with deaf ears, and got their

assistants to block and deflect and delete my communications.

I find this miscarraige of justice and mockery of democracy to be a conspiracy by the

Government of deny and deprive and violate the public of its freedom and dignity as

specified and guaranteed in the Constitution, and Charter of Freedoms.

The more I attempt to contact officials in the Government of Canada, the more I am

amazed at the ignorance of this Government, and am shocked at the great lengths that

this Government is willing to go to to cover-up Human Rights Violations, using all the

tricks of the trade (obviously dirty), and divert attention from this and others

matters of grave and utmost consequence, and also of the misuse and excessive use of

authority by the authorities.

It is so shameful and you all look so bad with each additional attempt I that have to

make to request for accountability and justice and good governance and good


May shame be upon all of you.

Kind regards,

Mubeen Mughal.


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