No. 11 – Exposing the Organisations and Establishments of Religion and Faith, and the Faithful and the Hopeless:

My First proposal is to get emancipate the nuns and priests and get them out working in the streets as they have been so brainwashed of their woman and manhood by the repressed authors of authority who have repressed them even more than themselves, hence they must be saved so that they can be integrated and fit into society with dignity.

I want to see religion and its employees of God and the gods stop discrimination based on exclusiveness and contribute to the tax pool in a tangible way and walk the streets for money.

They need to be exorcised of religion and the clutches of God, and the gods.

And defend ourselves from their Inquisitions, and also save our children from their propaganda and literature, rituals and customs, and traditions.

One of the biggest tragedies is that a Lot of our view of sexuality and pleasure has been defined by, and is a result of the brain-waashing, propaganda, and programming of the sexually repressed prophets , and priests, and religious authority who impose their own desires on society and we like puppets just follow them blindly, hopefully, and faithfully just as they prescribe and spell-out for society in which they preach to Others what to do and what not to do, and even what to eat and what not to eat.

In other words, they are trying to make robots out of us.

Worse still, they brand their own people with their symbols, and rituals.

And it is not surprising that there exists not a Ministry of Freedom.

It is such a Profitable business for the Prophets.


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