No. 10 – ENTIRE Canadian Police Farce

” ‘ENTIRE’ Canadian Police Farce seen as bumbling idiots by ME”: In case of even the slightest of doubts, please watch the compelling body of evidence here: and, in other words, be in wonderment as to why all of the Members of Paliiament, and Government are totally unawares about the conduct of their Very Own Government and it’s failings and oversights and successive failures of PROTECTING their very own Public, and Tax-Payers who continuously and labouriously foot their bills and provide the funds for their salaries, and benefits, lavish lifestyles, and pensions for doing absolutely nothing of consequence, and be in even more UTTER wonderment about the abysmal state of the press, and media, and journalists who cover trivial news, and marginalize, trivialize, and analyse away very very important issues. And finally, be in total wondement about the Role of the Movers & Shakers, Stakeholders, Investors, and those with vested-interests! How “ANYONE” can watch The Police beat the daylights out of unarmed public, repeatedly and matter-of-factly AND get away with it time and time again is totally beyond me, and is an UTTER shame for a Society that fools itself that it is DEMOCRATIC, and up-holding of Human Rights, and Human Dignities. It is such a tragic shame of the greatest proportions, in this day and age, that I am compelled to write about, and will continue to do so relentlessly until the Government itself, or the public causes to stop such heinous crimes from taking place, and brings to justice ALL the perpetrators, and also the day-dreamers who are witness, and did witness, and were/are and party to these Crimes, including those responsible and in positions of responsibility who failed to act, or failed to prevent, or caused to happen, or covered-up these Very Criminal Acts, and most specifically those in the Judiciary, and the Law Courts, and Law Enforcement for looking the other way, and thinking that by some miracle justice with happen just-by-itself out of thin air…. Canada and Canadians please wake up…   Mubeen Mughal Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Monday July 14, 2014   Added on Wed. July 16, 2014: Shamelessly the Government continually and habitually rapes the public, and members of the Public cheer the Government on and Confer upon it more and more absolute power while the solid citizen watch with Glee, and the Public in The Community and Neighborhood watch are blind bats to, and the evidence from the surveillance cameras is deleted or not made available to the public under the pretence of the Secrecy Act (oh, I meant Privacy Act). How can One not be outraged at this mess and miscarraige of Justice and mockery of Democracy…


Furthermore, to me, the Canadian Police, RCMP, Armed Forces, Intelligence, Judicial System represents Tyranny, and oppressive, repressive, regressive, and enforcing recessive laws withot no regard for public protection, save for the protection of vested interests of the VIP’s.

I loate all these CANADIAN institutions from what I have seen, read, watched, and experienced.

In otherwords, I see them collectively as Tyrants, how could I see them otherwise?


Here, again, is the system in it’s manifestations:



Such abhorrent and barbaric conduct in a society ‘claiming’ to be democratic, civilized, and upholding of human rights and dignities, and civil liberties.

If anyone has read this post and watched the clips of people and their human rights and dignities, and freedoms bring literally trampled on and dragged on the street, and remains unmoved and indifferent, and supports and gives power and votes, and funds, and moral support to this horrendous tyrannical government and governance then they may as well walk around in circles in a cave or void, and be devoid of humanity.


That was not humanity and those were not Crimes (with capital C) and there fore not willed to be deemed as Crimes against Humanity?

What is the Charrge when The Government and The Public cover-Up or attempt to cover-up CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY???

Whose Responsibility and Duty is it to protect the public from Police Farces and Armed


Oh Canadians, who is standing on Guard for Thee?

Who will make Canada’s neighborhoods and Communities and Streets and Alleys, and roads

and highways safe from police for protection of the PUBLIC???

And who will Deliver Us from police Pogroms and police who are not only liars but also

muggers themselves and bear false witness of their Sinful Conduct (being the violation

of the fundamental rights and freedoms of Humans) which they are so quick to cover-up

especially by their virtues of being and going under-cover and and what they do under

the covers, and also by being THE Authority and the Authoritarian Dictators and

Command-ers, and the Authors of the Lies and Propaganda, and not only that but are

also the keepers and editors of the Records and re-cords which must be accounted for?

Who is being waited on?

What is the problem?

Who are the guards to safe-guard the integrity of the re-cords and re-cord keepers

against fabric-ation, falsification, alteration, omission, co-mission, conspiracy and

other forms of deceit and deception and fraud (small and big) and other crimes to

defraud the public.  How can the public know and be assured of the of truthfulness of

the records and record keeping process, and the audi-tors of the re-cords?

Who will know and will ever know what was, what is, and what should be, and who did

what, and who is doing what to whom, and who is not doing anything at all, but doing

everything by that not doing???

Who is it that is actually cover-ing-up these and other Crimes against Humanity and

who is it that will ex-pose them, apprehend them, arrest them, and convict them, and

under which charges, and for breaking which universal laws?

So even though NO-ONE is infallible, the public is not so gullible, and hence Justice

must be rendered as required, otherwise we are all fools and fooling ourselves.


Prime Minister, Governor General, Commander In Chief, Premier, Your Excellence, Your Majesty, by virtue of Your collective blindness, and unresponsive, and irresponsive

conduct, YOU ALL, have not only failed the Public, but You have failed me and my family, and even much worse you have failed Yourselves by turning Blind Eyes to, and not

responding to, or acting on my reasons for having to contact you in the first place (for the records are there in the system, or should be there, and must ALWAYS be there).

May Shame be upon All of You.

And it is not altogether surprising because the company you keep are not just blind, but unaccountable but as well.

It is Evident that the INTEGRITY and hence CREDIBILITY of the ENTIRE SYSTEM (hardware, software, human resources) is COMPROMISED, TAINTED, and CORRUPTED, and so UNJUST as


We can now conclude that the ENTIRE SYSTEM has utterly FAILED not only everyone, but has also failed all of You, AND CANNOT AND MUST NOT BE RELIED UPON, and lacks

awareness, and hence consciousness and conscientiousness.

And thus we have somehow mysteriously reverted back to the dark days and era of IDOL (also idle) WORSHIP and HUMAN SACRIFICE, and WE and the SYSTEM are even more IGNORANT

than before and trying SO Much Harder to Please and APPEASE the repressive OPPRESSORS.


Can any of you honestly say there there are no records, or evidence of misconduct perpetrated by the perpetrators, is the system that blind?


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