No. 1 – Regulation of Professions / Obscurity and Confusion and Vested Interests Oversight and Quality Management, Assurance, and Control

Regulation of Professions

Obscurity and Confusion and Vested Interests Oversight and Quality Management, Assurance, and Control and Supermarkets of Chemicals

Reconstitution of Prescribed Medications:

Yesterday I had gone to collect some medication prescribed from my son, as a local pharmacy.  When I entered the pharmacy, I saw a chart that had the name of the pharmacy Owner, and the name of the assistant, and the names of Four other Pharmacy Assistants.  So I presented the prescription nd said they had an equivalent generic.  The Person  behind the counter told me that they did not have the exact prescribed medicine (Dexamethasone) but  that they had an equivalent generic.  The prescription was for 15mg, he said he would have to reconstitute it and I would need to give 1.5 ml, so I asked how I was going to measure 1.5 ml, and was told that they would provide and injection using which I could measure 1.5ml.  So I went outside the business and phoned the doctor and told them that they did not have the exact prescribed medicine, and she told me that a reconstituted generic would do the job just as well.  I explained that I was not keen on getting a reconstituted product as there was room for error in the mixing and measurement, and the doctor told me that the pharmac=ists caqn be depended upon.

So I went back to the pharmacy and requested the medicines, and was told to wait for 10-15 minutes whic I did, and was later called over to collect the medicine, and then to me and my wife’s surprise, twe were given a bottle of 150 ml of liquid, and my wife asked what is this, to which now the actual registered pharmacist asked what is this for being used for, so I asked hom why he wanted to know, he said, it’s too strong, so I asked him if he is a doctor, and he replied by asking me  “Are you challenging me?”. I said I wanted to have none of it, and he asked me what the problem was so I explained that I am the customer, and the parent, andthat I did not want their reconstituted medicine, and he said fine, so I left the premises.  We3 went to another pharmack, the actual registered phramacist called the doctor, and explainedx that they did not have the exact medication and asked to suppluy and equivalent, and the doctor gavce the go ahead, so we were give 4 mini-tablets which make up 15mg Dexamethasone , and she clarified that the dosage for an adult is 50 mg.  I do not know what equivalent was used, nor the expiry, nor did I see the monograph.

The Pfrescription also had Nasonex whjich several doctors like to prescribe, but I am afraiud of using because of the adverse effercts documented in the product monograph.

So here are the obseervations:

Reconstitution is performed by the assistants in the pharmacy, and even when the pharmaccist is awa y.  There is no checking or review.  Customer does not know the quantities of the constitution, or which water was used, or the hygeine standards, or if an expired drug is being used, or is a wrong medicine is being used.  So what role does the pharmacist p;lay in the over-sight of the reconstitution

Nasonex:  Has so many known and document, terrible side effects, that one wonders why it is legal to release such medicine to public when it is well known how devastating it can be.

Clearly this is a scenario in which I question the regulation of the Pharma Industry, and the collaboration of the Doctors, Pharmacists, Heatlth Care Practioners, and Government, and Shareholders, and Scientists in protecting the public and making big business out of the public’s misfortunes and vulnerability.


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