No. 2 – Mass Communication and Mass Media

Mass Media and Mass Communication in the Digital Age

Just like the many governments, AND big businesses!

The Alter-ego of the giants; the corporate social responsibility facade and the dirty business practices! Including, but not limited to, the unethical conduct, and even outright lies as evidenced and documented in the restrictive (and ever-changing), and severely limiting one-sided terms and conditions, and arbitrary and useless contracts that one is compelled to accept and bow down to under the heaviest duress to merely use the service.

It is the credibility and accountability that is in the dark abyss of the darkest of the dumps, not just of big businesses, but also of leaderships, leaders, and even entire governments that and who are merely pandering and posturing* (verb gerund or present participle: posturing*: 1. behave in a way that is intended to impress mislead others. “a masking of fear with macho posturing” synonyms:pose, strike an attitude, strut!) Entire global medias and mass-communications are managed and controlled by a very select and exclusive few to take advantage of and brain-wash the masses all over the planet to fit their agenda and ambitions and schemes (to rule) as a rule and make certain that the masses remain helpless but hopeful paupers and borrowers, but not lenders.

But of course, the Internet is best placed to serve as the most massive of the mass-media to set and further their agenda, and is and also one that no one can function without. Hence Yahoo, Google, et al. must never ever be under-estimated in their power, scope, and reach and must never be allowed to filter, or limit, or censor, prevent free-speech in the name of anything and is truly a monopoly of the flow of information and freedom, and democracy!

And we must also never ever under-estimate the filtering power and screening ability of a mere search engine in presenting the results of a simple request of information in cyber-space, hence the neutrality of search engines must be continuously monitored by neutral groups to protect everybody.

It is difficult to fight the monolithic monopolistic giants, but not impossible… šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰
for there is always an achilles heel, and they live-off and are fuelled by the consumer without whom they will perish…

There are important issues of Good Business Practices,
and also of Consumer Protection
which financially
and morally bankrupt governments
have become blind, immune, and indifferent to
and yet they are quick to point fingers at others
but miserably fail to see
and reflect upon
the image of themselves
as they are seen
by the public
and the consumers.

What would be most enlightening is following the money-trail of the subscriptions and Revenue of FLICKR to find out where all this money finally ends-up???


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