No. 3 – Education, Mis-Iformation, and Dis-Information:

It makes me shudder to see the ingenuity in which people and their children are treated as commodities by the the Government and the Offices and Ministries that it has conjured up al filled with one-track-minded bureaucrats whose vision is only bureacracy, and pay-day, and pension.

Take for example the Ministry of Education, Statistics Canada, Health Canada, the Ministry of Finance, The varied School Boards, the Educational Quality Assessment Office, Thre Fraser Institure (and Rankings of Schools).

Health Canada, and Statistics Canada, collect and keep records of the public and their ailments, and make up interesting startitics which are presented in to the public through the mass media. These data tell us how many childfren have ADD, ADHD, disabilities, and challenges, and this information is just stired away in their archives, and the exercises and studies are repeated year after year with no apparent benefict to the public and children, yet the pharmaceuticals manufacturers come up woith more and more innovative and effective drugs and medications some of which are paid for therogh public funds ythrough OHIP (for example). The health and well being is one of the factors that affect the ability of the choildren to learn, and that is determinded by the EQAO assessments which are doen annouall and tell us how children are learing, and how theyt are being taught. This exercise is done at considerabl expense, annually, and once the exercise is done and the reports are made available to the public (through public funds), this information is picked up by the Fraser Institute and tells us how well or how poorly schools perform, and then the following year the exercises are repeated again, and gaing, and again, and the Ministry of Finance keeps track of this spending of Public Funds, and it must because there are other issues that require public funds.

Then the Ministry of Education is aware of the quality of Education, and Istituutes, and Budgets, the Honourable Minister issues a statement in the media and everyone goes back to their function, and the school year goes by and the cycle repeats itself for another time.

What perplexes me is how many children can read and write as per the local, provincial, nation, and international statiticss, and what are they learing and what future role will they have in society. We don’t need to worry about this at all as there atre think tanks who will do the thinking for us and spell thing out for us, and there are the Labour Organisations which tell us what we will be doing in the future, and they even go a step further and tell us how we are expected to live our lives in the future.

So of what use is education and the Educational System, and the Educational Institutions?


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