No. 4 – Canadan and Canadians think they are so advanced, democratic, transparent, and accountable, but that is so, so far from thr truth an reality as I have already witnessed,

Canadan and Canadians think they are so advanced, democratic, transparent, and accountable, but that is so, so far from thr truth an reality as I have already witnessed,

and continue to witness.

The media, is a giant propaganda machine to confuse the piublic, and simultaneously push an agenda of keeping the masses ignorant, and at bay, as projecting images of

well-baing, and fantastic images of a fictious paradise. There are so manyt sich children, and sickness is the only secor of the economy that is conti nually growing and

there are new patients being born daily, and the statisticins even know whith good certainty what ailments the childfren will have and how much profits can be realized from

that child.

No one writes to the media to demand for accountability, and even if they did, like I have done so many, many, time, either the e-mails do not re3ach the recepients

(possibly they are blocked), or the recipient is so ignorant and does n’t respond, or the ignorant recipient get an assistant to respond but to deflect the content of the

message in a silly and even more ignorant manner.

This raises the very serious question of policing, sy=urveillance, spying, and the keeper of the records and data as protected by the ancient and archaic and totalitariarian keepers of the order. I seriously question what the public do and what aspirations they have for themselves and their children and families and societies at large. There is so much segrega=tion and exsclusiveness of religious, economic, cultural, racial, ethnic, immigration status and oither silly divisions to divive peiople and further alienation and resentment towards “the other”, and ridicule their otherness.

The politicians and leadewrship is like a circus of clowns whose agenda no one knows and even they athemselves are unsure of it, but one this is for certain , that they enjoy the powers that they have been vested with, even oifd the exercise of the power is border on what I see as abuse, and hiuminiation of the public and consiituents. tHE ministries appears to come across as a total unorganized and pathetic mess that is preoccupies with with earing and inquiries, and commissions, and paper pushing of to real consequence. All of the ministriess have failed at ther jobs and roiles and they still get away with it every day.

Education: Can children read and write – what is preventing them; Health: Are more people getting sick, and what is the profit from that; Environment: Are they aware of what is going on; Transport: They have not even been able to come up with the consolidated Traffic Act; Labour: They are puppets of the Corporations and Elite, I can go on but wont’t for now.

Accountability: Canada Post has implement the stupid and drastic measure of removing the human readable time and date and location stamp, and replaced it with bar code. Why did they do that, whoise grreat idea was it, was anyone in the public consulted?

Immigration: Each day Canada needs more and more immigrants and their familis, and yet those same immigrants anre unwanted and unwelcome. What is the irony? There are no jobs, careers, no manufacturing, everything comes from Chhina, and the Third World albeit with brand names.

So does it look like there is agame plan?

The Natives have their own problems and their own agenda, and scores to settle.

Eveyone is prejudiced?

But surely this is not what we want, and certainly not what I want, and not why I immigranted to Canada.

I did not come here to swim in mediocrity.


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